Yeast Infection Home Remedies

A yeast infection occurs when the naturally occurring microscopic fungi on our bodies are provided with a chance to grow out of control. This can happen due to being left in a dark, damp area for a period of time, or due to a weakening of the immune system … [Read More...]

Yeast Infection Test

Yeast Infection TestAll of us have naturally occurring organisms living on our skin, all the time. Not only is this not a problem, many of these microbes and bacteria are in fact beneficial and work as a part of the natural functioning of our bodies. But once in a while the fungal cells which normally live a perfectly harmless life on the surface of everyone’s skin become a problem. Under the right conditions: warmth, long periods of dampness, not much exposure to light, these microscopic cells can form colonies that explode in size causing a wide range of yeast based infections, including vaginal yeast infection, oral yeast infection, known as thrush, diaper rash, and infections in the finger and toe nails. In rare but serious cases, a yeast infection can become system, spreading throughout the systems of the body and potentially leading to death. In most cases, however, a yeast infection is a minor occurrence and frequently requires minimal treatment.

Skin And Mouth Yeast Infection Tests

In healthy adults and children, that is to say people who don’t have compromised immune systems or certain other potential factors for complication, the main test for diagnosing a yeast infection on the skin is with a sight observation. Doctors have lots of experience with various rashes, and skin born yeast infections are fairly common. As long as there are no concerns about complications a doctor should be able to just take a close visual inspection of the afflicted area, get a good look at your rash, and let you know if you have a skin born yeast infection. Testing beyond this is usually not needed in people with no warning symptoms, and treatment is generally an over the counter topical cream. If the diagnosis is unclear, the doctor may collect a sample of the rash material to examine under a microscope or grow into a culture. This is a failsafe, foolproof yeast infection test.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Tests

Although a doctor may be able to establish a reasonable idea of whether or not a vaginal affliction is a yeast infection without a test, a full gynecological examination is needed to make a positive diagnosis. If you are going to see a doctor for a vaginal yeast infection test, it is very important that you abstain from sexual contact or using douche products for at least two days before your examination, as this can make a correct diagnosis difficult or impossible. A full vaginal yeast infection test will involve a speculum, used to hold the vagina open, and a swab to collect a sample from inside the vagina. This sample may be examined microscopically, or cultured or most likely both. The doctor may also probe your vaginal walls with his or her fingers, pressing against the uterus, cervix, and ovaries to feel for tenderness or pain. Blood or urine samples may be collected, if the doctor feels that they are need, or they may not be requested.

At Home Yeast Infection Tests

At home yeast infection tests are generally not worth the money, and folksy non-scientific home tests are even worse. A yeast infection which is ignored or improperly treated can eventually have very severe consequences. If you need a yeast infection test or if you know you have a yeast infection and over the counter remedies are not helping, see a doctor. To learn more about your options treating yeast infections, visit